Review is all about rubbish

COUNCILS will be talking rubbish as a full review of litter bins gets under way.

Morpeth Town Council has installed numerous bins in the town, but it is constantly receiving requests for more.

However, while the authority is willing to pay to put them in, members have been told that Northumberland County Council does not have the capacity to empty any additional bins.

A meeting was set up between the councils to discuss the problem and county officers have agreed to carry out a review of current bin provision.

They will assess the condition of bins and usage levels to determine where more may be needed, any that can be relocated and where old bins need to be replaced.

The progress was reported to the town council’s Property and Asset Management Committee last week.

Clerk Gillian Turner said: “We keep getting requests for bins, but we have to keep saying that the county council is up to maximum capacity in Morpeth. As a result we had a meeting with the Operations Manager from Neighbourhood Services.

“The county council is going to do a complete survey of all the bins – the condition they are in and how well they are used. It seems that some older bins aren’t being used at all and others are overflowing every day. The council is doing this survey so we just need to wait to see the results and if we need any additional bins.

“The county council has also been reviewing the routes for Neighbourhood Services collections so it may have a bit of extra capacity. It will come back to us with the survey results to see what we can do.”

Committee Chairman Andrew Tebbutt said he has recently had a request for a dog waste bin beside Morpeth Castle, but he was told that the county council’s preferred policy is for normal bins to be sited unless there are special circumstances.

He said: “We need a complete survey of both types of bins. The policy is that we use a proper bin wherever possible, but in certain circumstances a dog bin will do.

“I’m pleased that this is being looked at. I don’t necessarily just accept that the county council has run out of capacity.”

Coun Graeme Trotter complained that a bin has been erected behind the new Morrisons’ store that doesn’t appear to be regularly emptied.

He was told that it may have been placed by the Greater Morpeth Development Trust and the council will write to remind the organisation that bins can only be erected by the town council or with county approval.