Ring the hotline for a helping hand

A TELEPHONE advice line in Northumberland has been ringing red hot since its launch, but even more people are being encouraged to call.

The Northumberland Single Telephone Advice Service was set up by social enterprise DAWN Advice to provide free and independent legal support, ranging from financial and housing matters to family law and welfare benefits.

Advisers conduct an initial assessment of the client’s needs so that the local Citizens Advice Bureau can arrange an appointment for them with a specialist caseworker.

Since its launch in October more than 500 people have benefited from the service, but organisers expect many more could be helped.

DAWN Chief Executive Liz Chadwick said: “We have received a staggering number of calls, but there will still be many people from all over Northumberland worrying about the rising cost of living.

“These worries can affect all aspects of people’s lives, from their living situations to health problems, so I’d urge anyone who may be concerned about their circumstances to contact the service straight away.”

To contact an adviser call 08444 111309.