ROADS: Exacerbating the problems

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I read your article about the impact of the cycle path from the side of the A192 heading into Morpeth town centre, shortly after the turn-off for Grange Road (Morpeth Herald, October 5).

As a resident of Morpeth for many years, but someone who lives in other cities and is well travelled, in my view, this has made the road very unsafe.

The Keep Clear entrance to Grange Road is now gone, therefore, people do not let drivers out of Stobhill and there is a long line of traffic.

The entrance has been made narrow and cars turning right, heading towards Hepscott, have a risk of having their vehicles damaged.

The bus stop looks silly and what was an acceptable road design has been changed, creating further congestion and potentially more accidents.

Vehicles are larger these days so roads should be made wider.

Who had the idea of putting a zebra crossing near a roundabout?

This is likely to cause a risk of drivers hitting someone who is crossing because it is too near a bottleneck of a roundabout.

My suggestion is that they install crossings further along the road and use modern pelican crossings, or better still, link traffic lights, but remove the roundabouts, well away from busy intersections.

In my view, Northumberland County Council’s road management is dreadful and dated.

Making roads narrow, putting zebra crossings, which went out with the ark, near roundabouts and extending 30mph limits into country roads seems daft. Gosforth has also done this on the Great North Road and it has become a constant bottleneck.

The council needs to look at getting road engineers with worldwide experience in safe road management.

Morpeth had a lot of zebra crossings in the town centre which had to be removed because they were unsafe.

It’s odd that after 40 years they are going back to defunct ideas.

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