ROUNDABOUT: Why is it going to be so big?

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Many of your readers will be aware that Tommy’s Field has been used as allotments at least since the Second World War and for many years before that as an amenity for the Morpeth people

What your readers may not be aware of is that the town council, on behalf of the county council, now wishes to take a section of this land to construct a large roundabout in Dark Lane, at the junction by the health centre.

This proposed roundabout is some five or six times bigger than the ‘dimple’ roundabouts throughout the town, which seem to function quite adequately.

I know that the developers of the St George’s Hospital site thought traffic lights were most suitable, but were persuaded to apply for permission for the large roundabout.

A friend of mine, who is a retired chief executive for a large national road and motorway building company, has visited the site and seen the drawings. He does not believe the junction warrants such a large roundabout.

So my question is why so big? Why do we need such a large roundabout?

Phil Slater

Chairman of Tommy’s Field Allotment Association