Safety scheme delayed

A LONG-RUNNING project to install safety glass in Morpeth Town Hall has hit a snag.

Plans to install the glass along the first floor staircase railings were first put forward about two years ago over concern that children attending functions in the Ballroom could fall through.

The proposal by Morpeth Town Council required planning consent, as well as approval from the county’s conservation officer.

Then came the task of finding a contractor to carry out the specialist work. Eventually, a business was found, but the glass had to be specially made and would take months to complete.

It was finally due to be installed in March, but when the contractor arrived the glass would not fit.

Now the town council’s Property and Asset Management Committee has been told that a new panel has to be made.

Deputy Clerk Angela Logan said: “They are making it again now. I don’t think it will take six months this time and there is no charge. They have accepted responsibility. It was a miscommunication between the main contractor and sub-contractor.

“We have put health and safety notices up around the stairs and are managing that, but there is always a worry that something could happen. We do try to make sure that whenever any children are around there is some supervision.”

Committee Chairman Andrew Tebbutt said: “We express our disappointment and recommend that this should be expedited as quickly as possible in the interests of health and safety. We should also write to the firm and say that this work should take priority, bearing in mind this has been going on for nearly two years.”