SCHOOL: Vital facility being held up

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I am wholeheartedly sick of the activities of the ‘Morpeth Mob’, who have been instrumental in causing the proposals to redevelop the County Hall site to be called in by the Secretary of State.

The focus of attention has been on the redevelopment of the County Hall site for housing and retail, but a vitally important element has been forgotten — the new school.

The call-in will scupper a proposal for a much-needed new school on the site.

This will cause major problems for parents in Morpeth looking for school places over the next year or so.

What are parents in Morpeth supposed to do?

Go through the trauma of an appeals process, and if unsuccessful bus their kids to schools many miles away?

The two MPs — Guy Opperman and Anne-Marie Trevelyan — behind the campaigning don’t even represent Morpeth.

It also seems totally wrong that the former leader of strategic planning at Northumberland County Council, and until recently on its payroll, should represent and write letters for the South Morpeth Coalition and play such a key role in blocking this much-needed school on the County Hall site.

All parties should hang their heads in shame.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about this issue, which need to be answered.

Andrea Smith

Green Close