SCHOOLS: Challenging time for heads

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With the population of Morpeth likely to increase year by year, and there being limited capacity in local schools, it’s difficult to expect headteachers to plan for increasing numbers amidst a range of other challenges without them being able to see how the local authority sees school provision in five or ten years’ time.

We are not just talking about a challenge that could be met with the building of a new grammar school here and there, but a carefully thought about approach, considering the age group of the young where the demand is needed and the most sensible locations of the new schools.

Clearly, if the county council doesn’t like the proposals for the new leisure centres for Morpeth, Berwick and Blyth, it makes sense to scrap the proposals before more money is spent on them, if, on paper, the amount of money invested may not make too quick a return.

Given that the county council is reviewing the work of Arch, I wonder if it is to review the work of Active Northumberland to consider if that management model is a more effective way of delivering a library service, for example, than one managed by a team based at County Hall.

After all, at a time when the long-term funding of local government is an important issue, then the nature of services being provided should be considered.

Robert Pollard

Northbourne Avenue