SCHOOLS: Show us the forecasts

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Although Northumberland County Council can be commended for attempting to solve the national housing crisis single-handed, there seems to have been little comment about how and where to educate the children who will inhabit all the new homes.

Rumours are rife that Morpeth schools are full so each day Loansdean children will need to travel to Gosforth, Stobhill and St George’s children to Ashington, and Northgate children to Ponteland. And that was before the latest application for 600 homes.

As, I trust, projected education plans formed a crucial part of the planning officers’ decisions to allow the homes these forecasts should be easily accessible.

We all look forward to their early publication so that anyone looking to move into the area has full information at hand.

Then actual truth of the rumours can be clarified and the education pathways made clear to those who need them.

Joyce Wotherspoon