Secrets of museum treasures revealed

Mitford WI

JULIAN Haraap from Beamish Museum was the speaker for Mitford WI’s June meeting.

His illustrated talk gave a wonderful insight into just a fraction of the treasures donated by the public since the museum opened.

The speaker’s genuine, articulate enthusiasm was evident in his description of the care and dedication that goes towards the cataloguing and protection of books, as well as all the other varied and larger artefacts.

Beamish is set to expand in the future with farms of the 1950s and the 1980s so the public will always be sure of seeing something new. Also he informed us, with a twinkle in his eye, that: “the new fish and chip shop served chips cooked in beef dripping”, and whilst vegetarians may not approve, they are the most delicious chips he has tasted. That sounds like a good invitation to try them out.

Mr Haraap closed with a photographic quiz of What do you think these are?, but in case you think of inviting him to talk, I won’t spoil the game by describing them. Sufficient to say that they will tax your skills of observation and memory.