Service goes Caribbean


A very enthusiastic group of women and men gathered at St Robert’s Church in Morpeth on Friday, March 6 to participate in the Women’s World Day of Prayer Service.

The ladies of St Robert’s led the service whose theme was ‘Jesus said to them: Do you know what I have done to you?’ The service had been prepared in the Bahamas and the costumes, colours and music had a Caribbean flavour. The music was ably led by Shirley Forster, Rose Reeve and Harriet Gilfillan. The choir and the session band accompanied the congregation singing. There was no speaker, but an opportunity for members of the congregation to share experiences and thoughts on the theme.

Mayor Nic Best and Mayoress Joan Howard attended. This service is important in the life of Morpeth’s churhces, as could be seen by the enthusiastic participation of the congregation.

After the service, afternoon tea was served.