Sewage spill causes a stink with residents

SEWAGE spilled out onto a Morpeth street after a blockage in the system during heavy rain.

Waste covered the grass and pathway near the riverside at Matthesons Gardens and Pretoria Avenue following the bad weather late last week.

Resident Fred Wonders, who lives in Pretoria Avenue, said: “The smell has been awful.

“As soon as I noticed it I phoned the council, but I was told it was inundated with calls and it was days before anyone came out.

“It was disgusting and the smell was horrendous. There was sewage on the grass and it was also getting on the path. There were sanitary towels, toilet paper, nappies and all sorts.

“Families could easily have stood in it because it was on the path by the riverside.”

Staff from Northumbrian Water attended the incident and were seen clearing the waste on Monday.

Work is going on to clean the sewers, while residents and businesses have been urged to play their part in keeping the system moving.

A spokesman for the company said: “Obviously, it was a weekend of extraordinarily heavy rain, but we appreciate that flooding like this is unpleasant.

“In this instance it was caused by a blockage. We despatched a crew and successfully removed the blockage. We then further cleaned up the area and currently we are doing further cleansing of the sewers and carrying out CCTV inspections of them.

“We would appeal to both commercial and domestic customers to help us to look after the sewers by only using them for the disposal of what comes naturally and the necessary toilet paper.

“Fats, oils and grease can exacerbate problems and blockages and should not be put down the sewers. Similarly, sanitary towels and the like should be bagged and binned, not flushed.”