Show spirit prevailed in the wind

There was fun for all the family at an annual village event.

Despite the strong winds that prevented the gazebo stalls going up and made putting up tents a challenge, a decent number of people came along to Pegswood Show on the Welfare Field.

Pegswood show'zumba with Bethan

Pegswood show'zumba with Bethan

They joined in with the various activities and races, watched the demonstrations, shopped at the stalls and saw which residents were successful in the show tent. Other attractions included face-painting and food outlets.

As well as thanking visitors and event volunteers for their support, the organisers – members of the Pegswood Community Action group – gave a special mention to local businesses and Northumberland County Council’s Community Chest fund for sponsoring the show tent.


Fruit and vegetables – One cabbage (any variety): 1 Tot, 2 H Hislop; Four runner beans: 1 D Tighe, 2 G Machnicki; Four broad beans: 1 G Machnicki, 2 F Rice; Four peapods: 1 A Stonnell, 2 N Bailey; Two beetroot (any colour): 1 F Rice, 2 Tot; Two carrots: 1 H Hislop, 2 A Stonnell; Four tomatoes: 1 D Tighe, 2 F Rice; A truss of cherry or vine of tomatoes: 1 R Harrison; One cucumber: 1 B Hutchinson, 2 D Barrass; Four potatoes: 1 B Hutchinson, 2 N Bailey; Three onions: 1 F Rice, 2 P Jewitt; One cauliflower: 1 H Hislop, 2 F Rice; One marrow: 1 N Bailey, 2 A Stonnell; Any humorous misshapen vegetable or fruit: 1 P Jewitt; Four courgettes: 1 Tot; A selection of home grown summer: 1 D Tighe, 2 N Bailey.

Floral – Vase of sweetpeas (12 stems): 1 Tot; A spike or bloom of any flower: 1 V Ludbrook, 2 T Graham; A single gladioli: 1 L Bell; Three dahlias: 1 A Stonnell; A gentleman’s buttonhole: 1 L Carr; A vase of mixed vegetation (garden or wild): 1 L Carr.

Floral art – A table centre using two different colours of flowers and green foliage: 1 M Green; An arrangement in a wine glass: 1 D Tighe, 2 C Dunn; An arrangement in an unusual container: 1 D Tighe, 2 L Bell.

Cookery – Sandwich cake (split and jam filled, sugar dusted): 1 E Lewis, 2 S Wilkinson; Carrot cake: 1 J Allan, 2 S Eke; Fruit tea loaf: 1 S Eke, 2 C Dunn; Four pieces of chocolate brownie: 1 S Anderson; Gingerbread: 1 S Eke; Four fruit scones: 1 S Wilkinson, 2 C Dunn; Four cheese scones: 1 E Lewis, 2 M Carruthers; Four pieces of tray bake: 1 M Carruthers, 2 J Allan; Jar of any jelly: 1 D Barrass; Jar of strawberry jam: 1 D Barrass; Any jar of single fruit jam not listed: 1 M Green, 2 L Carr; Jar of lemon curd: 1 W Garvey, 2 S Wilkinson; Jar of marmalade: 1 L Carr, 2 J Foster; Jar of chutney: 1 W Garvey; Jar of jam/jelly (combination of ingredients): 1 S Anderson, 2 J Foster.

Handicrafts – Any hand knitted item: 1 E Graham, 2 R Coppin; A hand-made greetings card: 1 P Webb, 2 M Fletcher; A fancy cushion: 1 M Fletcher, 2 P Webb; An item of cross stitch: 1 S Brown, 2 S Wilkinson; An item of tapestry: 1 G Kerr, 2 W Garvey; Any patchwork article: 1 M Fletcher, 2 E Lewis; A mixed media collage: 1 P Pierpoint; An item made of any recycled material: 1 J Foster, 2 P Pierpoint; An item of hand-made jewellery: 1 J Foster; A soft toy: 1 L Humphrey, 2 S Garner; Any crocheted article: 1 S Garner; Any item not covered by the other classes: 1 L Davidson, 2 P Webb.

Painting – A watercolour (any subject): 1 G Kerr, 2 P Pierpoint; An oil/acrylic painting: 1 P Pierpoint, 2 L Humphrey; A portrait (any medium): 1 P Pierpoint; A picture (any medium except watercolour and oil): 1 P Pierpoint.

Photography – One colour print humorous: 1 N Parkin, 2 L Carr; One colour print wildlife: 1 D Foster, 2 V Ludbrook; One colour print portrait: 1 J Foster, 2 A Parkin; One colour print view: 1 A Parkin, 2 N Parkin; One black and white print: 1 D Foster, 2 I Cadwallender.

Children’s classes

Ages one to four – A picture you have done yourself: 1 Daisy Anderson, 2 Rosaria Ribeiro; Something you have made: 1 Daisy Anderson, 2 Rosaria Ribeiro.

Ages five to eight – A vegetable character: 1 Erin Johnstone, 2 Rhys Parkin; Something made from kit: 1 Erin Johnstone, 2 Rhys Parkin; Four plain biscuits (decorated): 1 Henry Willcox; A colour photo taken yourself: 1 Rhys Parkin, 2 Erin Johnstone; A necklace made from pasta: 1 Alex Willcox, 2 Henry Willcox.

Up to age 12 – Four fairy cakes (decorated): 1 Alex Willcox; A floral arrangement: 1 Alex Willcox; Something you have made yourself: 1 Emma Jewitt, 2 Kate Johnstone; An edible necklace: 1 Emma Jewitt, 2 Kate Johnstone.