Signs are good for marker

The broken historic mileage sign in Ponteland.
The broken historic mileage sign in Ponteland.

A HISTORIC mileage sign in Ponteland that has fallen into disrepair will soon be replaced.

Part of the post showing how far away Newcastle is in one direction and the centre of Ponteland in the other is broken and the town council entered into discussions with the county council’s conservation department about how to fix the item.

An agreement was reached to cast a replica of the sign, which is located on the A696 near Elm Road.

As the work is specialised, the town council was advised to contact a firm in Cumbria (Signpost Restoration Ltd) and its quotation of £1,025.47 to fully restore the sign and install it was unanimously approved by members at a recent meeting.

In a report to the authority, Coun Robin Ramsay said that although the painting and installation could be carried out in-house, the savings of about £100 are relatively modest and they would not take place using its existing resources as there are heavy demands on the contractors’ time with its routine works.

At the meeting, he said: “This is a very worthwhile project because it’s not often that you get the chance to repair something to do with the heritage of Ponteland.

“I’m very grateful to the clerk and assistant clerk for successfully liaising with the county council about this matter.”

The firm has told the council that the new mileage sign should be in place within three months of a receipt of the order.

The authority also looks after the historic facility on the A696 by the bottom section of the Meadowfield area and last year it was repaired and repainted.

This one shows that it is eight miles to Newcastle going south and five-and-three-quarter miles to Belsay going north.