Skate park will not be replaced after closure

Although there will be a replacement play area in Ponteland as the current site off Callerton Lane is needed by Northumberland County Council as part of a major schools and leisure scheme, the skate park will not be replaced.

Monday, 23rd April 2018, 17:39 pm
Updated Monday, 23rd April 2018, 17:41 pm
The skate park off Callerton Lane in Ponteland.

The Mayor explained the reasons and then defended the decision when former Mayor and town councillor Robin Ramsay raised concerns about it at the annual meeting of local government electors.

Plans are in place for a climbing wall as part of the new provision, albeit in a different area to the skate park.

During his presentation about the 2017/18 Ponteland Town Council year, Mayor Alan Varley said: “In negotiations with the county council, the town council has agreed not to replace the skate park due to the many problems of vandalism and anti-social behaviour that have taken place there since its opening.

“The county council will provide a new location for a play area, but has also agreed to provide a temporary area further up Callerton Lane until construction is completed.”

Mr Ramsay said: “I’m concerned because there is nothing mentioned in the annual report about replacing the skate park with something else.

“Bearing in mind it was a £50,000 project, to throw it on the scrapyard is very disappointing.”

Coun Varley said a climbing wall is being planned for somewhere on the new site.

He added: “I see this as an alternative provision for our young people and we’ll be able to monitor it more closely than the skate park.”