Sky-high surprise for unsuspecting Bev

Bev Kidd-Scannell
Bev Kidd-Scannell
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A MORPETH woman was feeling sky-high after enjoying her family surprise.

Bev Kidd-Scannell had an inkling husband Rhys had planned something special for Mother’s Day, but she never expected to find herself jumping out of a plane to help charity NCT, which supports thousands of parents across the country.

Rhys and their children, three-year-old Zach and Daisy, 11 months, came to Peterlee Airfield along with a crowd of family members to watch Bev’s tandem jump.

The 36-year-old, who found out that she was taking part in the event the day before it took place, said: “I’d done a tandem skydive years ago in New Zealand and loved it, so as Rhys planned it in secret and asked family and friends to sponsor me, he knew my reaction would be excitement rather than terror.

“Zach was excited about seeing his mummy going up in the plane and I felt calm and relaxed before I jumped, knowing I’d enjoy it, although it was overcast and when we jumped into thick cloud it was so cold my goggles froze up.

“But once we came through the cloud, we got a great view and the instructor let me take control of the parachute.”

The family raised £515 in sponsorship for NCT and along with the donations from the other skydivers on the day, it will help the charity reach more new parents with subsidised antenatal classes, a national helpline and local support groups.