Snow call falls on deaf ears

BUSINESSES around Pegswood have come in for criticism over a lack of response to its snow clearance request.

The parish council was looking to make plans for extra footpath clearing in the case of extreme winter weather.

This would involve the authority being able to quickly call on a local contractor to remove snow and ice from important areas that have not been treated by Northumberland County Council teams.

But none of the four businesses contacted have got in touch since they were asked if they were interested in doing the works.

Pegswood Parish Council Chairman Simon Willcox said: “I’m very disappointed because we tried to keep it local and none of these firms could even be bothered to contact us to say they didn’t want be involved.

“Fortunately, the parish has not been seriously affected by snow this winter.”

Members agreed to set up a working group to discuss plans for next winter and make a request to the county council for a hand gritter.