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Don’t forget the birds

Since time immemorial, Morpeth has had a social network, albeit primitive. This annual pilgrimage is known as the ‘Twitter of Summer’.

However, this chorus been greatly diminished.

First, it was the sand martins that lost their nesting places when Allery Banks became a housing estate. Then the hordes of swifts were greatly reduced when Bells Yard was redeveloped. Then someone removed all the house martins’ nests from the eaves in Oldgate. They have never been rebuilt.

Finally, when the swallows arrive from South Africa they have difficulty building nests because of plastic soffits.

These wonderful creatures are not considered in planning applications and have no voice on Facebook or Morpeth Matters, and yet have as much right to live here as any person.

Everyone is concerned about planning applications, and rightly so, but the powers that be do not appear to be concerned about wildlife. Is this what is known as progress?

Live. And let live.

Frankie Vendittelli