Speeding drivers could face new village camera

SPEED indicator signs could be installed in Pegswood to help slow down speeding drivers.

The vast majority of vehicles travelling from the west come in at 30mph or slower as a speed camera is in position at that particular entrance to the village.

But some residents have written to the parish council saying that there are quite a few instances of speeding when motorists drive in from the east.

At a meeting of the authority, Vice Chairman Julie Stephenson said: “There are some young people who fly through Pegswood and no matter what we do they will continue to speed.

“But I think speed indicator signs would be useful if they were installed on the main road as they would have an effect on most of the drivers going through Pegswood. I would be embarrassed if people I know saw it flash as I drive past.

“I certainly believe they are a better option than sleeping policemen.”

The signs inform drivers of their speed as they approach the unit through the use of radar. Some of them also produce a smiley face or sad face depending on whether they are within or over the speed limit.

Coun Alan Fowlie said: “I agree with Julie that they are useful equipment and will slow down a lot of drivers.”

Members agreed that installing the signs would be one of the options to consider at the authority’s priority transport schemes discussion.

Town and parish councils can put forward three projects that they would like to see included in next year’s Northumberland County Council Local Transport Plan Programme.