STAMMERING: Arthur's doing a great service

The headline of your recent article on stammering, '˜Stammering: When just giving your name seems impossible' (Morpeth Herald, September 6), was one that I'm sure would resonate with every stammerer in the world.

Friday, 21st September 2018, 6:00 am

Stammerers go through phases in which saying their name may present a major challenge.

There are games that stammerers can play with.

When my given name of Salvador has been an issue, I always have the option to go with ‘Sal’ or the similar ‘Salvatore’, both of which have never tripped me up.

Most stammerers could give a similar personal history.

Arthur Young is doing a great service by being so open and informative about this speech problem.

With the rise of immigration levels in the US, UK and other EU nations over the last 25 years, there are many stammerers who get tripped up in the two languages they speak.

I wish to bring to the attention of your readers a brochure called Stuttering And The Bilingual Child on the website of the Stuttering Foundation (, a great resource that can give help to all stammerers.

Stammering affects all countries and populations in the same numbers – one per cent of adults and five per cent of children.

However, people in the UK should realise that immigrants and their children have unique deficits with their stammering.

Of course, saying their name can definitely present a roadblock, as your headline was totally accurate.

Salvador Montoya Ortega