Stranded sheep swept away

A FARMER was helpless to save his sheep when flooding struck his field.

Jim Hodgson keeps about 30 sheep in fields near Mitford and when the torrential rain struck last Tuesday he rushed to check on them.

While most of the animals were not in any danger, five were stranded in one of the flooded fields.

Mr Hodgson said: “I was there at 7.15 in the morning and you couldn’t see the grass. By 8.30am the road was flooded from the field.

“The sheep were stranded beside the trees, standing in the water. I phoned the police and fire service, but nobody came out. Somebody said I should get a boat to reach the sheep, but the boat would have gone straight down to Morpeth — the water was running that hard down the field that I would have been swept away.

“There were five sheep in the field and I got four back by the time the water went down, one was swept away. I couldn’t have done anything to help.”