Stroke victim’s wife thanks public

A MORPETH woman has praised kind-hearted members of the public who came to the aid of her husband when he had a stroke.

John Campbell was walking from his home in Abbots Way to feed his pigeons in Middle Greens on the morning of December 20.

When the 80-year-old suffered a stroke as he walked through the trees on the Curly Kews bank, help was soon at hand.

A group of six or seven people between them phoned for an ambulance, kept him warm with coats and reassured him until medical help arrived.

John’s wife Norah said they included butcher Ernie Martin’s son-in-law and grandson (Ronnie and David White), a Mr McInally, a former policeman and a female postal worker.

After receiving treatment for the last few weeks in Wansbeck General Hospital, John improved enough to return home on Monday.

Norah said: “The Campbell family want to thank everyone who came to John’s assistance – they were all absolutely fantastic.

“Their quick thinking and care helped in getting him to hospital very quickly.

“We are also grateful those in Ward 9 at Wansbeck General who provided him with excellent care and support.

“John has never been seriously ill in his life so it was quite a shock when I heard about his stroke. Everyone is delighted that he has returned home to continue his recovery.”