Summer scheme on county’s roads begins

Surface dressing works will take place across Northumberland this summer.
Surface dressing works will take place across Northumberland this summer.

Around 53 miles of roads are set to be improved through Northumberland County Council’s annual surface-dressing programme.

If an existing road surface has worn over a period of several years, it can lead to minor surface cracks – allowing water to enter and cause damage, which can reduce the skidding resistance of the surface.

Surface dressing seals the cracks, protecting the underlying construction, and restores the surface texture and skidding resistance of the road.

Where required, teams have also carried out patching along the length of road before the surface-dressing treatment takes place.

Almost £2million has been invested for this year’s programme. The works began earlier this month and they will take place between now and the end of August.

They will cover all areas of the county and in terms of principal roads, there will be surface dressing on an 815-metre stretch of the A1068 at Red Row/West Chevington.

The other locations to be addressed, followed by the length of the stretch to be dressed in metres, include the U6004 A1 turn off to Eshott, 2,300; B6343 Dyke Neuk to Temple Thornton, 2,695; C107 Chevington Moor crossroads north, 2,265; C144 Stantonfence to Pigdon, 1,560; C356 Berwick Hill to Horton Grange, 4,500; C110 Cresswell to Lynemouth, 3225.

The full list of schemes, including reserve projects, can be found by clicking here.