Support for change to organ donation

Residents would be in favour of an opt-out organ donation system, a charity has suggested.

Sunday, 11th March 2018, 14:25 pm
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Ahead of the vote on a new Bill in Parliament, figures from the British Heart Foundation (BHF) showed 77 per cent of people surveyed in the North East would back an opt-out system rather than the current opt-in.

Figures also showed 49 per cent underestimating the number of people on the organ transplant list in the UK.

Simon Gillespie, BHF chief executive, said: “There is a desperate shortage of organs in the UK and introducing an opt-out system will better reflect the views of the public.”

Kieran Sandwell, who had a heart transplant aged just 38, said: “I have been given a second chance at life, but I have met many others who are living in agonising uncertainty about whether they will live or die.

“For them, a new organ is their only chance of survival. Surely with so many people in need, an opt-out system is a no-brainer.

“I’m alive today because my donor made it clear she wanted to donate her organs, and I will be forever thankful that she made her wishes clear.”

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