Support for plain cigarette packets

A CAMPAIGN group has revealed that the level of support to have tobacco sold in plain packaging is greater than the huge wave of backing for a smoke-free law six years ago.

Figures from Fresh show that more than 13,500 people in the North East and 200,000 people across the UK have demanded an end to glossy cigarette packs, which it is claimed help lure children to smoke.

The numbers are even higher than the response for a smoking ban in enclosed public places and workplaces.

Across the region, there have been at least 129 supportive detailed submissions from the North East to the Department of Health’s consultation on the issue from health organisations, local councils, fire and rescue, trading standards, voluntary groups, local businesses, universities and others.

Fresh Director Ailsa Rutter said: “There has been unanimous support from the NHS and local authorities in the North East, as well as a range of other organisations, who have understood the clear evidence behind the power of cigarette packs in helping attract children to smoking.

“Some of our MPs have commented that this is the most correspondence they’ve ever had from local people on an issue.

“The evidence for plain, standardised packaging is clear. More children and young people would see cigarette packs as unattractive and not be lured into smoking, with the lifetime of ill-health and premature death which come with it.”

A recent survey on behalf of the organisation found that 66 per cent of adults in the North East support plain packaging, with only 10 per cent opposing it.

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