SUPPORT: Ready to help our ex-forces

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Ex-forces men and women who are out of work in the North East will be looking to what 2019 might have in store.

This can be a challenging time of year for veterans. Those with mental or physical health conditions who do not have a job or a close support network can feel isolated.

At The Poppy Factory, we know that ex-servicemen and women who are wounded, injured or sick will flourish in the right working environment. In return, the skills they have honed in the military bring enormous benefits to employers.

The Poppy Factory’s employability team works with individuals to boost their confidence and skills and look for the right job opportunities. This year I hope many more businesses and organisations will consider the value that veterans can add to their workforce.

Our team stands ready to help more wounded, injured and sick veterans find a way to fulfil their potential in the civilian world.

Deirdre Mills

Chief Executive

The Poppy Factory