Sweet success with a honey treatment

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WE are now settling in our new premises at Whorral Bank and slowly getting used to having so much more space.

Having stables and equine facilities on site is a huge improvement and means that we can now hospitalise cases and offer a more comprehensive service to our clients.

The warm and wet weather this summer has meant an almost continual rich grass growth.

Because of this, laminitis still continues to be a problem with many overweight horses and ponies succumbing to the disease. Please monitor your horse’s weight and continue to be vigilant about their feet.

The welcome sunshine means more people are able to get out and about on their horses, but it does mean we’re seeing quite a few wounds.

We are using an increasing amount of Manuka honey preparation in our wound treatments with some amazing results. This product, which is completely natural and does not need a veterinary licence, can be bought over the counter.

It creates a perfect environment for wound contraction and reduction of proud flesh and also has significant antiseptic properties.

I have used it on some extensive and fairly horrific wounds, leaving them bandaged for several days, with fantastic results.

Be warned though, that not all Manuka honey preparations are the same. If you are considering using it, please give us a call for advice on what to look for first.

We are planning to have a client meeting with Georgie Hollis from the veterinary wound library about this product and its uses. Georgie is a very entertaining and informative speaker and I will keep you all informed about the date of the meeting.

Piccolo Pete won his first retrained racehorse in-hand class. After lots of polishing and plaiting we won a small trophy and a huge rosette. I need to start training more – my knees were suffering the next day and that was only after three laps of the ring. Perhaps I should take up jogging – I don’t want to be the weak link in Team Piccolo.

He also got second in the ridden ex-racehorse class and fourth in the ridden hunter class, looking like a pony among the huge 17hh hunters.

We had a great day out and are looking forward to this weekend when the Piccolo Pete v Mister Pete challenge is happening. Watch this space, I’ll keep you all informed on our progress.

We have new vets who have recently joined the practice to replace Karmen Watson, who is moving to London, and Jennifer Shutt, who is going to work in Canada. Robert Hanson and Derrick Fall have fitted in extremely well and are starting to find their way about the area. Both of them will be involved with all aspects of our work.

We are also privileged to welcome Linda Clark to run our hospital wards. Linda has more than 25 years’ experience in small animal medicine and surgery and has previously worked at several local practices. She is available from Wednesday to Friday for appointments at Whorral Bank.

SALLY BOOTH, Director and Senior Vet