Tales of the history of Geordies at war


In his September talk to Morpeth Antiquarian Society, entitled The Northumberland Fusiliers in the Great War, Dr Dan Jackson used material ranging from Viz comics to the William Scott Bell murals at Wallington to illustrate the physical strength and the mental fortitude shown throughout history by men from the North East of England.

Dr Jackson outlined the heavy physical, stressful and dangerous work in the mines, factories and shipyards and the North East’s macho culture as the background for the battalions of ‘Geordies at War’, which resulted in numerous acts of heroism and personal sacrifice.

In his appreciative vote of thanks Maurice Teasdale linked Dr Jackson’s talk with the World War I Heritage Lottery Funded project, which members of the society’s Museum Group will be delivering at King Edward VI School.

In collaboration with KEVI students this project will involve research into the 60 names on the War Memorial at the school. There will also be public lectures.

As retiring Programme Secretary, Charlotte Houlton was thanked by Chairman Chris Hudson for the ten years of pleasure and education that Charlotte had given the society by organising so many great events. She was invited to become a Vice President and received gifts of a book and music vouchers.

At the next meeting tomorrow Father Lawrence Jones will be speaking on St Robert of Newminster. MAS meetings are held at 7.15pm in St James’s Hall, Wellway. Visitors and new members are always welcome. The entrance fee, including refreshments, is £1 for members and £3 for visitors.