Taste of the Games at seaside

The Mighty Smith makes a Tug of War
The Mighty Smith makes a Tug of War

A TASTE of the Games came to Northumberland as a county caravan park held its own sports day.

The Golden Sands Fun Day last weekend saw visitors flock to the Cresswell site to try their hand at various events, loosely based on Olympic sports.

The highlight of the day was a performance by strongman Adrian ‘The Mighty’ Smith, who wowed the crowds with feats of strength such as ripping up catalogues, bending steel nails with his teeth and being the centre of a tug of war with 16 children.

Park owner Nigel Thompson said: “It was a brilliant day at the park, which as with all our open days, was open to the public to join us for a day of fun.

“We recreated Olympic disciplines, ranging from equestrianism, with pony rides for the kids, to archery, and we certainly have some budding archers.”