Tasty treats served up at the Institute

MEMBERS met at St Margaret’s Church Hall for our February 5 meeting.

President Mrs Nancy Fowlie welcomed members.

She also welcomed our speaker, master baker Mr Keith Glenton, and the five members of staff that accompanied him.

Mr Glenton talked about his life as a baker.

He told how he started training when he was just 14 and his jobs that gave him the experience to finally start his own business.

What came over from Mr Glenton and his staff was how they all loved their work and how well they worked together.

Mr Glenton now has four shops selling all handmade bread, cakes, pies, plus all goods found in a baker’s shop – nothing is bought in, everything is baked fresh daily.

Two of the staff made two delicious fresh strawberry and cream gateaux, as we soon found out after everyone was given a slice.

Every member had an enjoyable evening with a happy and dedicated team.

Business of the day was later discussed, telling us all what very busy months February and March are to be for our group.

The competition for a spoon was won by Mrs Alice Herdman, the raffle was won by Mrs Nancy Fowlie.