THANK YOU: Help ensured event success

Having opened my garden at Eland Green Farm, Ponteland, for the British Red Cross last Sunday, I would like to thank the following people.

Muriel Sobo and Pont News and Views, and Marian Foster and BBC Radio Newcastle, who all helped with advertising the event, The Post Box, Jan’s, Dobbies and Waitrose, all from Ponteland who very generously contributed to the afternoon teas, Richard Dodd and Ponteland Town Council, who loaned chairs and parking cones, the ukulele band that entertained us, and last, but certainly by no means least, Ponteland Lions Club for without their help, the event would not have taken place.

Many thanks also to everyone who came.

I am delighted to say it raised £1,135 for the British Red Cross.

Clare Stephenson,

By email