The best pantomime in 30 years

Weeks of rehearsals, casting, musical performances and more '” and Morpeth Pantomime Society finally made it to its production of Cinderella in Pantoland.

Thursday, 9th February 2017, 2:40 pm
Morpeth Pantomime Society in Cinderella in Pantoland

And what a production it was.

It was a fabulous first show. It doesn’t always work out like that. We’ve had some disastrous first nights, with all sorts of things going wrong. But this year the cast and backstage crew were spot on and the audience showed their appreciation with cheers, boos and applause in all the right places. I wondered if we’d manage to top that.

Morpeth Pantomime Society in Cinderella in Pantoland

In fact, every show was well received. Extra seats were added and the cast played to a full house every performance.

Cinderella in Pantoland saw three months of rehearsals, 150 costumes, 30 wigs, four makeup artists, two trap doors, a cave entrance, a giant’s head, a Delorean, a Tardis, a sonic screwdriver, a flying carpet, 11 songs, five big dance routines, and a fabulous backstage and lighting crew from King Edward VI School.

It encompassed the fairy tale of Cinderella with a few other favourites thrown in for good measure.

The Mayor and Mayoress of Morpeth watched the show on Friday night.

Morpeth Pantomime Society in Cinderella in Pantoland

Mayor Andrew Tebbutt said: “We have been attending this pantomime for over 30 years and this was the best pantomime yet — and you can quote me.”

As previous members of Morpeth Pantomime Society themselves, Andrew and Joan Tebutt were very impressed with the quality and standard the society achieved this year.

They described the show as a vibrant, happy, slick, colourful performance, with an atmosphere which radiated into the audience.

This praise was repeated again on the Saturday evening when the Deputy Mayor and his wife attended.

Morpeth Pantomime Society in Cinderella in Pantoland

Both being former St George’s Players, such praise was well received by a very excited and tired cast.

The script was written by society member Gordon Carr using an idea tabled at a committee meeting last spring.

Gordon also produced the show, with help from long-serving member Shirley Clark.

Chairman Bruce Ennion emphasised that it was very much a team effort and the success of the pantomime reflects the amazing and most welcome positive attitude and atmosphere amongst the society’s members, whose ages range from nine upwards.

Morpeth Pantomime Society in Cinderella in Pantoland

This year’s four performances have been a sell-out, with an audience from all areas of the country.

Consequently, the society is thinking about an additional night next year.

Membership is growing annually so we are very much looking forward to the implications of this year’s achievements.

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