The distress of eating disorders

A WOMAN with the delightful name of Pummi Mattu was the speaker at BPW Morpeth’s most recent meeting.

She visited the club to bring members up to date on eating distress, the new name for eating disorders, from which so many people suffer in so many different ways.

A listening service was set up in 1989 as a charity where friends or sufferers could phone in and then call in for counselling.

Closed group sessions for a maximum of 10 people were also established so that worried friends or relatives could attend for a general talk and carers could take part in awareness sessions.

Eating disorders is the medical term for this condition, while eating distress is a more social term.

There are units at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary and also at Darlington Hospital for the treatment of the many problems which lead to a disruption in eating habits, which may in turn lead to more serious mental and physical conditions. The counselling sessions are called Food For Thought.

During the business meeting which followed members learned that BPW Scotland’s walk for charity would take place in Majorca this year and joint events between Scotland, Yorkshire, Northern Ireland and the North of England are also being considered.

This year the Morpeth club’s annual dinner will be held in The Beetroot Grill, Morpeth, on Thursday, June 16.

Anyone wishing to know more about BPW and its activities should phone 01670 514579 for more information.