The fantasy world of make-believe

AT their March meeting, the Mitford WI members were transported into a fantasy world.

This magical world was the creation of Mrs Rose Stanley, who only a few years ago decided to try to create a humorous character doll. It proved to be a masterpiece and the start of much more to come.

Although Mrs Stanley began with a very simple, self taught technique, an old pillow case and some florists’ wire, her first doll-size character was amazing. She called her Eve Hope because she was leaning against a bus stop, in high heels, mini skirt and lashings of make-up, full of hope for a good night out at the Social Club.

From this first creation, followed Arnold the guitar player, a mediaeval lady, a sea siren and many, many more.

Mrs Stanley is ever striving to reach perfection and loves creating her own textiles, but still finds time to make ‘base dolls’ that her grandchildren can dress and create characters for themselves.

She was full of fun and encouraging others to have a go, but I think all the creativity and hard work that she has dedicated to her art would prove to be very difficult to match.