The King has the judges all shook up

Stannington Show pics Keith Robertson'Best Scarecrow award wos won by Alister Yeaman and Sarah Tait with "Elvis"
Stannington Show pics Keith Robertson'Best Scarecrow award wos won by Alister Yeaman and Sarah Tait with "Elvis"

HE may have a wooden heart, but the Elvis scarecrow certainly caught the eye at the second Stannington Show.

The rock n’ roll creation by Alistair Yeaman and Sarah Tait won the keenly contested competition at the event.

Villagers showed their skills in a range of disciplines as there were also industrial, photography, crafts, vegetable and flower categories among others.

There was a big crowd for the dog show and plenty of fun outdoor activities such as a bouncy castle, coconut shy, pegs on the line and eggs in the sand.

A fish and chip supper and a performance from local group Rollin Rock took place during the evening in the village hall and an auction of produce was held in The Ridley Arms the following day.

One of the organising team, Sandra Dickinson, said: “All the events went very well and hundreds of people came along to the show.

“There were a lot of entries for the competitions and some good-humoured banter between everyone taking part.

“It was an unexpected delight to win the Banks Group Award for the most points across all the categories and Best Bake in Show for my shortbread biscuits.

“It was good to see 23 people enter their crop of potatoes grown in a bucket. Many of them achieved a decent weight and the winning amount was over five pounds.

“The working team all deserve a pat on the back for making it another successful show, including the evening entertainment and auction.

“We have already fixed a date (September 29) for next year’s event and planning for it will start in January.”

The team raised more than £2,000 over the two days and the village hall, Stannington First School and St Mary’s Church, Stannington will soon receive their share of the money.


Coloured embroidery wool: 1 Alison Hart, 2 Eleanor Irwin, 3 The Kilmurrys; Coloured embroidery silk: 1 Jane Garven, 2 Eleanor Irwin, 3 Karen Carins; Knitted item: 1 Ruby Thompson, 2 Susan Hunter, 3 Ann Wilson; An item of any country craft: 1 Alison Hart, 2 Mark Legard, 3 Karen Carins; Home-made card: 1 Beth McFetrich, 2 Alice Hepton, 3 Nicky McFetrish; Scarecrow hat: 1 Maggie Wailes, 2 Stannington First School; Stuffed animal or bird: 1 Maggie Wailes, 2 Dan Buckley; Painting of a sunflower: 1 Karen Carins, 2 Sue Thompson, 3 Liz Ferguson; Unusual agricultural memorabilia: 1 Robson Phillipson, 2 Billy Smith, 3 Susan Hunter; Best British landscape photograph: 1 Kay Hampson, 2 David Moore, 3 Leslie Hampson; Bets British animal photograph: 1 Nicky McFetrich, 2 David Shiell, 3 Karen Carins; Best flora photograph: 1 Brian Armstrong, 2 The Browns, 3 David Shiell; Best agricultural photograph: 1 Robson Phillipson, 2 Sandra Dickinson, 3 David Shiell; Painting of a farm animal: 1 Chloe Sanderson, 2 Iris and Lila Rawsthorne, 3 Isla Fearon; Plasticine animal: 1 Isla Fearon, 2 Beth McFetrich, 3 The Browns.

Four cheese scones: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Paul Fearon, 3 The Kilmurrys; Four plain scones: 1 Alison Hart, 2 Ann Wilson, 3 Helen Wox; Four shortbread biscuits: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Joan Bynon, 3 Susan Hunter; Victoria sandwich cake: 1 Jeannie Dungait, 2 R Moore, 3 Chris Armstrong; Swiss roll: 1 Trish Gordon, 2 Victoria Gordon, 3 Susan Moore; Gingerbread: 1 Dora Mordue, 2 The Kilmurrys, 3 Lynn Patrick; Fruit cake: 1 Ann Wilson, 2 Sandra Dickinson, 3 Jeannie Dungait; Four muffins: 1 Susan Hunter; One savoury flan: 1 Susan Hunter, 2 Helen Wox, 3 Lynn Patrick; One loaf of bread (bread maker): 1 Susan Hunter, 2 Carmen Ord, 3 Lynn Patrick; One loaf of bread (non bread maker): 1 Ann Yeaman, 2 Dora Mordue, 3 Karen Carins: One jam jar (any variety): 1 Julie Phillipson, 2 Trish Gordon, 3 Juli Beer/Dora Mordue; One jar of lemon curd: 1 Susan Hunter, 2 Trish Gordon, 3 Louise Smith; One jar of pickled fruit or vegetable: 1 Trish Gordon; One jar of chutney: 1 Eleanor Irwin, 2 Karen Carins, 3 Kay Hampson; One jar of marmalade: 1 Hilary Stanger-Leathes, 2 Robson Phillipson; One jar of jelly: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Gillian Wood, 3 Jeannie Dungait; One bottle of flavoured spirit: 1 Susan Hunter, 2 The Browns, 3 R Phillipson and S Dickinson; Cookery disaster (class entry 16 to 34): 1 Nicky McFetrich, 2 Sandra Dickinson, 3 Joan Manners; Four fairy cakes: 1 Amelia Lawson, 2 James McConnell, 3 Megan McGuiness/Carmen Ord; Four jam tarts: 1 The Browns, 2 Daniel McConnell; Two gingerbread men biscuits: 1 Michael (age 8), 2 The Browns, 3 Robin P (age 7).

Tallest sunflower: 1 Charlie Bainbridge, 2 Orin Radcliffe, 3 Harvey Lea/Kay Hampson; Largest sunflower head: 1 Stannington First School, 2 Ann Tate, 3 Sandra Dickinson; Largest leek (by volume): 1 Dorothy James, 2 Craig Pendlington, 3 Gary Thompson; Largest onion: 1 Dorothy James, 2 Craig Pendlington, 3 Lyn Davison; Heaviest turnip: 1 Lyn Davison; Heaviest pumpkin: 1 Craig Pendlington; Heaviest marrow: 1 Craig Pendlington, 2 Sandra Dickinson, 3 Ben Buckley; One cabbage: 1 Gary Thompson, 2 Gillian Wood; Four potatoes: 1 R Moore, 2 Ruby Thompson, 3 Robson Phillipson; Four carrots: 1 Stannington First School; Four beetroot: 1 Kay Hampson, 2 Gary Thompson, 3 Gillian Wood; Four tomatoes: 1 Kay Hampson, 2 Dorothy James, 3 Gary Thompson; Four pieces of fruit: 1 Louise Smith, 2 Karen Carins, 3 Sandra Dickinson; Unusual/interesting shaped vegetable: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Isobel Legard, 3 Mark Legard; Best scarecrow: 1 Alistair Yeaman, 2 Sue Thompson, 3 Stannington First School; Vase of perennial garden flowers: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Stannington First School; Single stem gladioli: 2 Michael Dungait; Basket of flowers: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Karen Carins; Flowering house plant: 1 Jane Garven, 2 Sandra Dickinson, 3 Emily Wood/Jennie Andrews; Mini arrangement of flowers: 1 Joan Watson, 2 Sandra Dickinson, 3 Trish Gordon.

Three eggs: 1 Trish Gordon, 2 R Moore, 3 Dorothy James; Two pounds of wheat: 1 Roger Dickinson, 2 R Moore, 3 Gary Thompson; Two pounds of oats: 1 Gary Thompson; Two pounds of barley: 1 R Moore, 2 Eleanor Irwin, 3 Michael Dungait; Hay: 1 Richard Phillipson, 2 Roger Dickinson, 3 Gary Thompson; Wheat straw: 1 Roger Dickinson; Barley straw: 1 Edward Dungait, 2 Roger Dickinson, 3 Alistair Yeaman; Horse haylage: 1 Roger Dickinson, 2 Richard Phillipson, 3 Robson Phillipson; Potato in a bucket: 1 Margaret Allan, 2 Mike Calder, 3 R Moore; Vegetable animal: 1 Beth McFetrich, 2 Lottie Belton, 3 Conall Fearon; Mini-garden on a plate: 1 Ruby Thompson, 2 Conal McFetrich, 3 Beth McFetrich; Best in Dog Show: Cherry, whose owner is Trish Gordon.

Banks Group Award for most points in show: 1 Sandra Dickinson 32; 2 Susan Hunter 19; 3 Robson Phillipson, Rita Moore and Trish Gordon 13; 4 The Browns, Roger Dickinson and Gary Thompson 12; 5 Dorothy James, Craig Pendlington and Kay Hampson 10.