The wonders of wool in getting a good sleep

Lancaster Park WI

Gillian Henry from The Wool Room in Sanderson Arcade gave an enlightening talk on the benefits and wonder of wool, a totally pure and natural very British product.

We were told that wool absorbs 30 per cent of its own weight in water and has self-regulating temperature control qualities.

This results in easier and relaxed breathing and decreases the heart rate, and so good quality sleep is maintained.

The improved environment reduces the production of bed mites, in turn reducing allergies. Naturally flame-retardant qualities make this a welcome product for commercial premises.

The Wool Room began in 2008 in the former wool capital of Bradford.

Its purpose was to re-vitalise the British wool market.

Backed by HRH the Prince of Wales, this successful venture continues to grow.

Gillian brought a small section of bedding products from their very wide range.