There’s no room at the bins

EXTRA litter bins will be difficult to erect in Morpeth as refuse collection teams are at full capacity, councillors have heard.

The news came as Morpeth Town Council discussed a request from a resident to place a bin on the footpath from Morpeth Railway Station to the town centre.

However, council officers said that while they are still awaiting a formal reply from the Northumberland County Council department responsible for emptying public litter bins, they were already aware of a number of problems.

Deputy Clerk Angela Logan said: “This was considered about a year ago.

“At the time when we spoke to the team who do the emptying of the litter bins they said it would be difficult for them to empty bins on that stretch because there is nowhere to park their vehicles.

“We have also been told that they are almost full to capacity for emptying bins around Morpeth.”

Clerk Gillian Turner added: “The county council has said that if we want to put a bin in anywhere we have to re-locate one so we don’t end up putting any more bins in in total.”

Councillors will try to identify an under-used bin that can be moved to the path from another area.