These are the 12 foods which we would usually consider healthy but contain stacks of potentially harmful sugar

British favourites such as baked beans and tomato ketchup have been named and shamed on a list of foods that are surprisingly high in sugar.

Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 8:44 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 9:48 am
Named and shamed - the foods you might think are healthy, but contain stacks of sugar

Researchers from health and fitness site have revealed 12 foods and drinks that have a shocking sugar content. Consuming above the recommended daily limit of sugar can contribute to weight gain and could mean facing a higher risk of anything from cancer, heart disease and diabetes to depression and even acne.

Bottled Smoothies - Homemade smoothies are a true super food, but some commercially produced smoothies can contain stacks of added sugar, syrup, fruit juice from concentrate or ice cream.
Ready Meals - Healthier ready meals are now more widely available containing less fat and smaller portion sizes, but many have increased levels of sugar to substitute for the flavour.
Baked Beans - Despite being a savoury favourite perfect with toast, some sauces that coat tinned baked beans can be loaded with sugar to mask a lack flavour.
Breakfast Cereals - Granola is sold as a low fat, healthy breakfast and oats but theyre usually mixed with nuts, honey or other sugary additions.
Dried fruit - Removing the moisture from fruits makes them last much longer but some companies chose to make up for this with a surprising amount of added sugar.
Ketchup - Popular condiments such as tomato ketchup are often used to sweeten bland meals, but a popular high street brand can typically contain over 20g of sugar per 100g.
Low Fat Yoghurt - When health food companies remove the fat from yoghurt to make it better for you, they probably wont mention the sugar that it might have been replaced with.
Milk - Even skimmed milk contains nearly 30g of sugar per pint, which can make it an unhealthy drink if consumed too often and add to the calorie content of breakfast.
Protein Bars - Unfortunately many supposedly healthy protein bars can have a shockingly high sugar content, so its always worth checking the label.
Soup - Pre-made supermarket soups can sometimes be packed full of sugar to disguise an absence of interesting herbs and spices.
Take out salads - Buying a ready-made salad usually seems like the healthiest meal to grab on the go, but may come with a sweet dressing that contains little other than sugar.
Tinned Fruit - Sugary syrup is often used to preserve fruit for longer, but even draining the can when its opened wont remove every drop of syrup.