Thumbs up for council after animal feed audit

Brought to you by the Morpeth Herald.
Brought to you by the Morpeth Herald.

Auditors from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have stated that they have confidence in the way Northumberland County Council administers and enforces the controls on animal feed in the county.

This was the result of a two-day audit. They visited a local business, examined records and practices and interviewed officers in the Trading Standards and Animal Health Team.

The inspection also found that the team was responding appropriately to issues found during visits to feed premises and with samples taken, officers were well trained and the annual plan for delivery of the service was good.

Coun Liz Simpson, the council’s deputy business chair with responsibility for public protection, said: “I am pleased with what the FSA has said and the officers involved in this work and the audit process deserve credit for this positive result.”

David Sayer, business compliance and public safety unit manager at the council, added: “Work on animal feed is an important part of making sure everything connected with the food that appears on our plates is safe.

“Our officers visit around 100 farms and other premises in the food chain each year to make sure that products and practices are as safe as they can be. The FSA funds this work on an annual basis and it’s reasonable of the agency to come and make sure it is getting value for money.”