Time to kick a deadly habit

FIREFIGHTERS have given their backing to No Smoking Day this week, warning that the habit can prove deadly in more ways than one.

The health risks of smoking are well publicised, but as part of the national campaign day yesterday, Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service reminded residents that careless disposal of cigarettes is the single biggest killer in house fires.

Acting Chief Fire Officer Alex Bennett said: “As well as the health dangers, people need to be aware of the deadly risks of smoking in the home and how smoking materials can very quickly and easily lead to a fire.”

One in five people in the UK smokes, but 63 per cent of those want to give up the habit. However those seeking the right NHS support are four times more likely to succeed.

To find out more about support services contact your GP or pharmacist or call the Northumberland Stop Smoking service on 01670 813135.