Top 10 ways to avoid mould and damp

Black mould.
Black mould.

Condensation causes moisture and moisture causes damp, which can lead to black mould appearing on walls and furniture and greater damage to carpets, clothes and wallpaper if left unchecked.

The average household can produce around 24 pints of moisture a day.

As condensation ‘season’ is upon us, Northumberland County Council has issued ten top tips to prevent moisture and mould developing in your house.

1. Avoid drying clothes on radiators. If it is too cold to hang washing outside, put it in the bathroom and open the window or turn on the extractor fan.

2. Close doors when cooking and bathing to prevent steam going into colder rooms.

3. Put lids on pans when cooking

4. Always open vents, turn on an extractor fan or if possible open a window after a bath, or shower, or when cooking

5. Make sure clothing is fully dried before placing in cupboards or wardrobes

6. Ensure trickle vents are open at all times

7. Keep your heating on a low setting for longer periods when the weather is cold or wet. This is more effective than setting it high and turning it on and off

8. Allow air to circulate around furniture and in cupboards by making sure they are not overfilled and there is space between the furniture and the wall

9. If your tumble dryer is un-vented, fit an external ventilation kit ( tenants may require permission from their landlord)

10. Open windows as often as possible. It is not easy in this weather but try when you can.