Topical advice and free plants on offer at gardening club

Runner beans.
Runner beans.

The garden club meetings are always lively and informal, with four different speaker demonstrators offering topical advice within a 20-minute time frame.

David Parker is an exhibitor and rose breeder of vast experience who also has a broad knowledge of gardening. He is continually flagging up labour-saving gadgets and cost-effective purchases, something that goes down well with members.

Kathleen Turnbull has been applying her floral art skills locally for years in such a self-effacing way that it is made to look easy. She brings fresh material and containers to each meeting and the final arrangement goes into the raffle so at least one member goes home grinning broadly.

Clare O’Donnell joined our team last year and brought all the enthusiasm of a young senior gardener at The Alnwick Garden. Her main responsibility there is in Roots and Shoots and she offers a general update on their monthly activities.

My role is simple, that of link and an anchor man who cannot resist bringing a few things from the home garden that might just appeal to the audience.

We four and the members bring in any surplus plants, which are taken away as freebies at the end of the evening.