Torch gift fulfils David’s last wish

David Tinlin presenting his Olympic torch to Morpeth Mayor Nic Best.
David Tinlin presenting his Olympic torch to Morpeth Mayor Nic Best.

A charity founder who has been told he has just weeks to live has handed over his most prized possession to the people of Morpeth.

Big-hearted David Tinlin, who set up Drout alcohol support charity after overcoming his own decades-long addiction, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and is facing his final days.

The brave 53-year-old is determined to make the most of the time he has left, putting plans in place to ensure his important charity work carries on and setting all his affairs in order.

And one of his last wishes is to present his treasured Olympic Torch to his home town in the hope that it will inspire others to achievement, no matter the odds.

Mr Tinlin carried the torch between Ashington and Choppington during the national relay for the London Games in 2012 after being nominated for his tireless fund-raising and mentoring work at Escape Family Support.

He formally presented it to Morpeth Mayor Nic Best at his last charity night at Morpeth RAFA Club on Saturday.

He said: “I handed over my Olympic Torch in front of everybody for the town council to take care of it and let people see that somebody from Morpeth did carry the torch and it was a great honour.

“It will go in the Town Hall so that young people seeing it will think ‘if he has done that, I can achieve something as well’.

“The torch will be well looked-after instead of just lying in somebody’s cupboard. If it can inspire just one person it will be worth it.”

Coun Best said: “I really appreciate the presentation of the torch to Morpeth and to the town council as custodian. I hope that the torch will inspire everybody in the same way that David Tinlin has.

“David has overcome considerable personal difficulties to make a significant contribution to the life and the community of Morpeth, and many people have benefitted from his good work.”

l See Page 6 for Mr Tinlin’s farewell message to the town.