Tory call for performance pay rejected

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A CONSERVATIVE call for performance-related pay at Northumberland County Council has been decisively rejected.

Conservative Group Leader Peter Jackson suggested it could raise the wages of the lowest paid, who had been asked to take on more responsibility as the number of workers had been cut.

But Labour Leader Grant Davey dismissed the proposal as ‘the Tories’ long-term aim to lower the pay of the men and women in the northern region.’

Independent Paul Kelly argued for a ‘living wage’.

He said: “We live in a society where the very, very rich can flaunt their wealth without any embarrassment and without any sanction from central government.

“And we have people who are on the streets through no fault of their own, who have fallen there as a result of losing their jobs and who have been unable to manage their meagre budgets.

“And it should be the case that in this country we have an enlightened view of what is dignity in work.”

Conservative John Riddle said: “Some of our lowest-paid staff are under attack in their wages, but when it snows they are the people who are asked to turn out.”

Coun Jackson’s amendment was lost by 36 votes to 18, with six abstentions.

The annual pay policy review was approved by 44 votes to 14.