Town Hall disabled toilet scheme goes down the pan

Hopes of installing a ground-floor disabled toilet in Morpeth Town Hall have been dashed.

Morpeth Town Council was eager to press ahead for a scheme to provide better facilities for people with disabilities who use the building.

However, members have been told that nowhere suitable can be found to put the toilet and the plan must be abandoned.

The council’s Property and Asset Management Committee Chairman Andrew Tebbutt said: “It is extremely regrettable that we can’t find any way of putting a disabled toilet on the ground floor without seriously damaging what has been done since the Town Hall was revamped.

“Several people have had a good look at it and they have measured things, but everything is slightly too small. Size is the biggest problem. We looked at an area beside the entrance to the town-council offices and several people have come and studied it, but they have all said it is not quite big enough.

“The toilets here are only for people who use the building and they can come upstairs in the lift to the toilets, but I do think we ought to have a disabled toilet on the ground floor. It is bad enough getting around if you are disabled without having to get in a lift to go to the toilet.

“I’m extremely disappointed, but I don’t think we can make progress at all.

“We will come back to this in a few years’ time because I’m determined we will do it eventually.”