Town litter blitzes by children and adults

A total of 50 bags of rubbish and other items were collected during the latest Morpeth litter-pick on Sunday.

Friday, 24th May 2019, 14:39 pm
Members of 6th Morpeth Scouts took part in the litter-pick as part of its Scout Community Week.

Group one, which met at the St James’ Church car park, included more than 20 members of 6th Morpeth Scouts and seven Morpeth Litter Blitz group members.

Group two, which met at Storey Park Community Centre, consisted of 10 volunteers from the litter blitz group.

The other items that were picked up included various metals, a traffic cone and a large mirror.

On Monday, 4th Morpeth Scouts carried out a litter blitz as part of its Scout Community Week.

Twelve bags were collected in the hour-long litter-pick. Those who participated have cleared 90 per cent of the cigarette butts around the front of Morpeth Railway Station and they also covered the eastern end of Coopies Lane, which had not previously been blitzed.

Dai Richards, Morpeth’s Keep Britain Tidy ambassador, said: “The members of 6th Morpeth Scouts who worked with our group on Sunday had a great time and their efforts were exceptional.

“They hit Stanley Terrace and rear yards of Bridge Street, north and south sides, and the town looks a lot tidier for their efforts.

“If anyone is interested in joining 6th Morpeth, they do currently have vacancies for Cubs – ages eight to 11 – and Scouts – ages 11 to 14 – in their Thursday sections.

“For more details, please contact Graham Langston, Group Scout Leader, by email –”