TRAFFIC: Issue will need to be examined

When someone is elected to Northumberland County Council one would hope he/she would be very comfortable when promoting projects that bring benefit to the people in the area they represent and projects that he/she believes in.

Saturday, 29th October 2016, 5:00 am

Despite the negative press, and the limited support received from Northumberland County Council Executive and public relations people, Stobhill councillor Ian Lindley has clearly done that with his Shields Road roundabout project.

I wonder, when the project was going through the scrutiny process by council officers over the years, whether the benefits of the adventurous proposal were compared with improving the entrance to Shields Road via Choppington Road, the Guide Post road, linked to a new pedestrian crossing at St Aidan’s Church.

This would have been a less adventurous project, which could be delivered at a cheaper cost.

With housing numbers set to increase near to that entrance to Shields Road, this will impact on traffic numbers.

If the issue is not looked at now, it will need to be addressed in the short-term, particularly given the interest in Coun Lindley’s traffic calming scheme.

On another subject, I saw Kim Bibby-Wilson on television recently being interviewed for the BBC television programme, Antiques Road Trip.

Her interview in the Easter Field about the Morpeth Olympics brought home to the viewers how important that field is to the history of the town.

Because of the size of the hospital there, and the other buildings, and with the building work likely to pick up at the St George’s site, this is leading to a traffic increase up and down the hill to St George’s.

Despite this, I hope the Antiquarians in the town can work with our town councillors in Morpeth to ensure that the Easter Field doesn’t become a forgotten part of the town.

Robert Pollard

Northbourne Avenue