TRAFFIC: Something must be done

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I am writing to express my concerns about the increasing volume of traffic through our tiny little village

Over the past few years our small village has become a rat-run for lorries, construction traffic, fast cars, tradesmen and factory workers.

The volume of traffic is almost becoming equivalent to the A1, but this is through a small village with blind bends, dips in the road, farm and residents’ entrances, and more importantly, the site of a Riding for the Disabled Centre.

There is supposed to be a 30mph limit, but the signs have become unreadable and just get ignored.

The traffic comes through at such a speed we have seen vehicles travelling sideways on the wrong side of the road, round the bends, while we have had to dive for cover in the bushes.

The most recent incident involved a car coming round the corner so fast my husband and a friend had to fling themselves head-long into the grass verge.

Had this been a disabled group of children on ponies the results would not be worth thinking about.

We did not object to the housing at Stannington Park as we did not consider that all the traffic would be directed through our village, or that the people would think they could drive past as if they were taking part in a Grand Prix.

It has become a scary place to live and we feel really trapped, you can’t just sell up and move a whole farm.

We have been notified by Bellway that the construction work is likely to continue for at least the next five years. Something has to be done before someone gets killed.

Philip and Sarah Holmes

Tranwell Village