Beith makes A1 case to officials at key meeting

A Northumberland MP has been stressing the importance of full A1 dualling north of Newcastle.

A stakeholders meeting, organised by the Department for Transport and Highways Agency officials, recently took place in Morpeth. Sir Alan Beith was among those in attendance.

The Berwick-upon-Tweed MP said afterwards: “It appears the main emerging options that will be put to ministers by officials are likely to involve dualling from Morpeth to Felton, and possibly as far as the North Charlton dual carriageway, but with a less favourable rating for full dualling of sections further north.

“Any additional dualling will be welcome, but if bad sections like the Mousen bends are not dealt with, it does not send a clear message to businesses that Northumberland and Eastern Scotland are part of the strategic road network.

“Full dualling should be the ultimate objective. I will continue to press this case.”

Residents and businesses have been urging the Government to upgrade the remaining 40 miles of A1 single carriageway from Morpeth to the Scottish border as it would reduce congestion along these sections and boost the county’s economy.

It agreed to carry out a feasibility study last year after re-classifying the stretch of road into the national roads network in 2011.

Earlier this summer, Chancellor George Osborne saw part of the road for himself during a visit to Northumberland and discussed the issue with Dual The A1 Campaign Director Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

He said afterwards that personally, he believes there is a “compelling case” for dualling.