Car park changes to start soon

CHANGES to the length of stay in Morpeth’s car parks will begin on November 5.

The principal of the new tariff structure is that town centre parking should be short stay as these spaces are at a premium and more flexibility should be given to those in less central locations.

Plans to change the Newmarket East car park from five hours to all day were scrapped following objections during consultation and it will now be set at three hours, along with Back Riggs North, Castle Square, Corporation Yard, Dacre Street, Newmarket West, Stanley Terrace North and South, and Whalebone Lane.

The Terrace will also become a three-hour car park, despite objections from workers that it will lead to a shortfall in all-day parking bays.

However, the change will only be introduced after the new long-stay Staithes Lane car park opens as part of the new supermarket development.

All-day car parks will be at Dark Lane, Grey’s Yard, Mathesons Gardens and St James’s.

Further information on the outcome of the consultation and the new tariffs can be found at