Changes made to traffic proposals near first school

PLANS to ease parking congestion near a Ponteland school have been altered following consultation.

In August last year, residents living close to Darras Hall First School were informed about a proposal to extend some of the ‘No Waiting at Any Time’ restrictions on Middle Drive.

The move by Northumberland County Council followed complaints that cars parking either side of the ‘school keep clear’ signs on the road were causing major congestion problems and making it difficult for some people to leave or go back into their estate.

The measures would prevent parking at junctions and create passing places for drivers to safely negotiate oncoming traffic.

A ‘Prohibition of Driving Except for Access to Off-street Premises’ restriction was also proposed on Linden Way, meaning a driver can only enter Linden Way if their intention is to access one of the properties located on that street.

Now the authority has come back with changes and additions after hearing the views of residents.

In a letter to householders, Project Planning Team officer Paul McKenna said: “Whilst the majority were in favour of the proposals, the comments identified a common concern, particularly for residents of Middle Drive and their ability to safely access their driveways. The county council is therefore proposing to add ‘No Waiting Every Day Between 9.30am and 2.30pm’ on the north side of Middle Drive.

“Due to the concern over dispersion of vehicles, school pick-up and drop-off would still take place adjacent to the footpath where it is considered safe to do so. However, the restriction will only allow parents to park for a short period and it will prevent all-day parking, which commonly takes place on a daily basis.

“Additional ‘No Waiting’ restrictions are also proposed at Broadway and at the junction where it meets Darras Road.”

The deadline for responses is September 4.